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Assessment and Treatment Activities for Children, Adolescents, and Families VOLUME 2:

Practitioners Share Their Most Effective Techniques

Edited By

Liana Lowenstein

Assessment and Treatment Activities for Children, Adolescents, and Families VOLUME 2: Practitioners Share Their Most Effective Techniques

In this second volume, highly acclaimed author Liana Lowenstein has compiled an impressive collection of techniques from experienced practitioners. Interventions are outlined for engaging, assessing, and treating children of all ages and their families. Activities address a range of issues including, Feelings Expression, Social Skills, Self-Esteem, and Termination. A “must have” for mental health professionals seeking to add creative interventions to their repertoire. 176 pages.

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"This book includes many different therapeutic techniques provided by practitioners from around the world! It is great to get such a variety of knowledge and experience all in one book. It's clearly a book that is needed on every child and family therapist's book shelf!"

--Molly Gratton, MSW, LCSW, RPT-S
President, Idaho Association for Play Therapy
Boise, ID

"This book is a welcome companion to the first volume of Assessment and Treatment Activities. Liana Lowenstein has again collected techniques from over 50 practitioners to share with us. And once more, I find myself eager to use many of these innovative activities to enhance my work with children, teens, and families. Following the same format as the first book, these creative techniques are organized into sections covering areas such as assessment, feelings, problem-solving, and termination. The activities are fun and engaging, are described clearly and concisely, and are followed by thoughtful discussion of their purpose, possible variations, and factors to consider. This book is a wonderful resource!"

--Rivka Beer, M.Ed.
Private Practice
Toronto, ON

"This book is a great resource for practitioners. It is organized into sections to assist with easily locating activities related to a specific topic and the activity descriptions are very comprehensive. Each activity includes goals, recommended age group, treatment modality, and materials needed. The discussion section for each activity assists the practitioner with processing the activity with clients. What more could you ask for?"

--Jacqueline Swank, LCSW, RPT
Child and Family Therapist
Orlando, FL

“Anyone working with children, adolescents and families will find many great activities that will encourage engagement in the therapeutic process. Like volume 1, this book is arranged in chapters that cover engagement and assessment, feelings expression, social skills, coping and problem solving, self-esteem, and termination. The guidelines for selecting each activity are clear and helpful. I recommend this book to clinicians who work therapeutically with children, adolescents and families.”

--Ann Edwards, BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor
Bedfordshire, England

Published by Champion Press in February 2010
ISBN #: 978-0-9685199-5-0

$24.95 US / $26.95 CDN

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