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Assessment and Treatment Activities for Children Adolescents and Families
Volume Four: Practitioners Share Their Most Effective Techiques

Edited by Liana Lowenstein

Assessment and Treatment Activities for Children Adolescents and Families : Volume Four

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Liana Lowenstein has done it again! In her own right, she is a creative and skillful therapist and a great presenter. Affordable Professional Development Training (APDT) is always keen to have her train for our Australian therapists. Liana is also very respectful of, and open to, the creativity of other therapists throughout the world. She gathered together many useful and creative techniques for working with children in the first three volumes of "Assessment and Treatment Activities for Children, Adolescents and Families". In Volume 4, amazingly, she has sought out even more helpful techniques to share with all of us who work with children, teens, and families. The techniques are easy to follow and can be readily used in clinical practice.

--Dianne Starkey, M. Clin. Psychol.
Clinical Psychologist and Co-director of Affordable Professional Development Training
Sydney, Australia

Liana Lowenstein has once again created a book full of innovative, engaging and thoughtful therapeutic interventions to support the healing of children, adolescents and families. This book, along with the others in her series is a wonderful resource for practitioners who work therapeutically with children and their families. I find these books so helpful that they are included in my reading list for my own students.

--Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S
Synergetic Play Therapy Institute
Boulder, CO

I started using Liana Lowenstein’s books when I was a new play therapist years ago, and her resources continue to be my “go to” books. In her new book, there are plenty of creative therapeutic activities that can be used to build rapport, assess, and treat children and families with different needs. I highly recommend this book for mental health practitioners who are working with children, teens and families.

--Didem Altay, Ph.D, Reg.Psych., RPT
Registered Psychologist
Istanbul, Turkey

I have been using Liana Lowenstein’s books for years, and I am excited about this latest edition. Her books are full of creative activities to engage children and families in therapy. A must-have for child and family therapists seeking new and innovative ideas.

--Hannah Sun Reid, MA, CPT-S
Play Therapist
Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

ISBN #: 978-0-9951725-1-7
Retail Price: $26.95 US / $28.95 CDN


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